Rolling Sea

A collection of five unique cyanotype prints, coated and printed by hand on Heritage Rag paper. The images in this collection were originally captured using 35mm film during several blustery, rain-soaked days walking along parts of the South Coast of England. They show the state of the sea at a particular time and place, the water animated by the energy passing through it.

Each print is interleaved with acid free tissue and enclosed in a folded case with a curved opening that echoes the motion of the waves depicted inside. The cover text has been foil block printed by the London Centre for Book Arts and a hand screenprinted title page greets you on first opening.

Limited edition of 30.
Image size 12x12cm
Paper size 16x16cm



This portfolio has been made with the aim of raising funds for an exciting and game-changing piece of studio equipment, a tabletop LED vacuum UV exposure unit, which provides the light source needed to expose the hand-coated light-sensitive paper and create the final cyanotype print.

The technical specifications of this unit are incredible, used by industry, arts universities and professional artists. For me it will facilitate the production of much larger and more ambitious projects, provide more consistency across editions, improve productivity and efficiency and offer new ways to experiment, refine and explore the huge potential of this wonderful process.

There’s just one catch…

I need the exposure unit to make the work, so there will be a little bit of a wait before printing begins (currently estimated to be late August 2019). But, this means that your prints will be made using the very piece of equipment your purchase helped to buy!

To say thanks…

In purchasing this original artwork you will be actively supporting the development of exciting new projects and giving me the chance to expand and grow my practice. For each purchase I’ll pop a hand-written personal thank you note as a token of my gratitude.

The small print...

  • All portfolios will be packaged with care so the content is protected during transit

  • You will receive confirmation of payment by email, please keep this safe

  • Printing of the works estimated to begin in late August 2019, but this is subject to change. All those who have pre-ordered will be kept informed and notified as soon as printing begins